Frequently Asked Questions

What does Kinderfeets mean?
The name is derived from the Dutch words for “children” and “bicycle” but the Dutch word, “Fiets” has been changed to “Feets” as a play on words.
How do you ride a Kinderfeets?

Learning to ride is very intuitive. Sitting on the Kinderfeets, kids first walk the bike forward. As they go faster, they stride with feet off the ground for longer periods of time, ultimately being able to pull both feet off the ground and coast with their feet on the pedals. At first they tilt to one side or the other and their feet catch them like training wheels. Very quickly, balance becomes second nature and they can coast with their feet on the pedals. Braking is done by putting both feet down to stop.
How long does it take to learn?

Most children are able to walk/ride the first time they sit down. They will be able to coast with their feet on the pedals after a week or two. Each child learns at his/her own pace.
How old does a child have to be to ride the Kinderfeets?
Kinderfeets Classic  (including bamboo)  (2-5) and Retro (2-5) is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 5, or as soon as they can reach the ground while sitting on the lowest seat position. Kinderfeets Tiny Tot (including Bamboo (1-2) is for babies as young as 12 months. It starts as a trike and converts to a 2- wheel balance bike, probably around 17 months. 

Why does the Kinderfeets Classic and Retro not come with the 2 in 1 conversion kit?
Kids that fit a Kinderfeets Classic or Retro don't need 3 wheels. They will learn to keep their balance, the first time they are on it. 3 wheels would make the Kinderfeets heavy and bulky. To learn how to keep their balance is the goal of a 
balance bike. No need to delay this with adding a wheel. 

Is the seat adjustable?
The seat of the Classic and Retro is easily adjustable so children of all sizes can ride, and ranges from 12 to 16 inches high. A 2 year old can usually start on a classic or retro. 

The seat of the Tiny Tot is adjustable from 8'' to 11'' inch

How much does the Kinderfeets weigh?
The bike weighs about 8 lbs and the weight is evenly distributed. This means it’s easy to carry when your toddler is too tired to ride.
Where is Kinderfeets made?
Kinderfeets is designed by a Dutch designer in California and hand made in China. We are very proud to work with skilled crafts (wo)man. 

What are the tires made of?
The tires are made of biodegradable rubber. The riding experience is similar to that of a pneumatic tire, but without flats! Optional pneumatic tires are available on our online store.
Is assembly required?
Kinderfeets arrives in the package partially assembled. You will need to attach the front fork, the handlebar and the wheels. Assembly time is about 10 minutes and instructions and tools are included.
Does the Kinderfeets require any maintenance?
1. The Kinderfeets requires some maintenance. Bolts may loosen from use, so be sure to check them before each ride.
2. Don’t leave or store the Kinderfeets outside. It is protected by a lacquer veneer coating, but is made of wood, and is susceptable to damage caused by exposure to the elements.
3. Warranty may be void if regular maintenance is not performed and storage recommendations are not followed.
Do all bikes have chalkboard finish?
All 6 colors of the Kinderfeets Classic are chalkboard finish. (chalk comes in the box)
Kinderfeets Retro and Kinderfeets Tiny Tot (including Bamboo) do not have chalkboard finish.