Independence. Accomplishment. Freedom. Control.

To grow, you have to push yourself.

If someone pushes you along from behind—or if training wheels catch you every time you falter—how will you learn?

Our children have everything they need to learn how to ride a bike with their own two feet. We don’t need to push them, give them training wheels, or confuse them with pedaled trikes. All we really need to do is try our best to keep up as they maneuver through bustling city sidewalks or quiet county roads with total control, confidence and self-determination.

Balance bikes may look like the latest hipster-parenting fad, but they have so much more to offer than simply their Instagram-able designs. With our Kinderfeets Classic and Retro models, your toddler can start learning to ride a bike as early as age two at her or her own pace, without dramatic spills or the panic-filled ritual of removing trainings wheels.

With low step-through frames, adjustable seats and foot pegs, these stylish wooden bikes support a natural, organic process of learning to ride. Children keep their feet on the ground until they’re able to use the foot pegs to glide (which we all know feels a lot like flying). By the time they are ready for pedals, they’ll know exactly where to put their feet and they’ll have already mastered the hard part of riding: finding their own equilibrium.

For parents who can’t wait to get their babies riding (sometimes even before they’ve learned to walk), we’ve developed the 2-in-1 Kinderfeets Tiny Tot, which converts from a tricycle to a 2-wheel balance bike, growing right alongside your child.

In keeping with the process of natural, organic growth for our riders, we've made the stylish rides themselves from sustainable materials like replenish-able birch wood, bamboo, biodegradable tires and non-toxic paint. We don't only want the best learning process for our children today, we want the best long-term prospects for the earth our grandchildren will inherit.

You’ll be amazed at the neighborhoods that open back up for exploration once your kids can navigate the world so swiftly on their own. Forget strollers. Forget kids begging to be carried. It’s not only Kinderfeets kids who go far. Their parents do too!

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